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Residential or Commercial Hamilton Roof & Eavestrough Repair, Licensed and Insured. No other roofing contractor offers 15 YEARS INSURED LABOUR WARRANTY1, helping you protect your biggest investment. Save 10% on new roofs over competitor’s prices2.

Your Trusted Hamilton & Surrounding Area Roofing Contractor

Serving Hamilton and surrounding area including Dundas, Ancaster, Burlington, Flamborough, Stoney Creek, Winona & Grimsby. See below if you are living outside of our mentioned service area.

Gold Star Roofing Inc. was founded and is owned and operated by Jeff Barratt, professional roofer, with over 20 years experience in this field. Gold Star Roofing Inc. is fully licensed and insured and offers the industry’s best 15 YEAR INSURED LABOUR WARRANTY on labour1, along with life time warranty on shingles.

We will treat your home or commercial building as we would our own and only install high quality and performance materials. This includes 3 feet of ice & water barrier on all new installations (new or full replacements and even retrofits), high performance shingles, some with Sure Nail Line Technology  which carry a 140 miles/h wind warranty, that’s 225 km/h! High-Quality Roof Vents that will withstand exterior forces like wind and wild life. We only use CANADIAN PRODUCTS maple leaf image.

Canadian manufacturers know our unique climate of extreme summer heat and winter colds, that’s why we will not use products manufactured in other climates that simply can’t stand up to Canadian weather.

We will take the same care for even smaller projects like garages or sheds. Just contact us for a quote today!

Gold Star Roofing has the best labour warranty in the business, we do NOT USE SUB CONTRACTORS.

Gold Star Roofing is a growing business. We encourage all those living slightly outside of our service area to contact us. Depending on work load and your location, we will do our very best to be of service, or we will suggest important questions to ask so you will find a roofing company to help you protect your biggest investment.

New Roofs

For new constructions or complete roof replacement, Residential or Commercial. For small or large projects, Gold Star Roofing is the right choice. We will not install any materials that we would not choose for our own buildings.

Roof Repairs

Many factors can contribute to shingles failing. Many times it is just necessary to replace the failed shingles and fix the cause of roof failure, our experts will repair the damage and either fix the cause or suggest best actions to take.


Eavestroughs also known as gutter systems, are an important part of your home’s structure, not only does a correctly installed system help prevent water issues in the basement, it also improves shingle life span through ice build up.

Sky Lights

When extra light is needed in your living areas, a sky light might be your best choice. As commonly known, they are often the cause of leaks, let Gold Star Roofing help you suggest and install the best options or repair current issues.


Often times when a roof starts leaking, it is not failure of the roof itself but the flashing (water barrier) around chimneys or where needed that failed or was installed incorrectly, we will correct any issues you might have with flashing.

Gutter Guards

Gutter/eavestrough guards are a great time and life saving system easily installed. They prevent debris from entering your eaves/gutters and clogging up down spouts. You won’t have to climb on the roof to clean out those messes yourself anymore!


When protecting your roof for the greatest lifetime span, soffit ventilation is of great importance. In older homes, it is possible that no soffit ventilation exists. Gold Star Roofing will assess if soffit ventilation is adiquite and retrofit your older soffits if needed.

Attic Insulation

Sufficient attic insulation is very important to keep you comfortable and to protect your homes entire structure. We use AttiCat Spray Insulation for maximum comfort in your home, saving you up to 20% on heating and cooling cost.

Roof Vents

Roof vents are an important factor for your building’s overall climate control and life span of installed roofing. Our experts can determine the number and placement of roof vents needed. Gold Star Roofing only installs superior roof vent withstanding exterior forces.

WSIB Ontario LogoOur employees abide by all safety rules while working at heights, and wear complete safety gear.
Our workers are covered by WSIB.

Safe workers = 100% quality work!

We accept payments on-site via mobile Interac! Mobile Interac Logo

5-Star Review

Had a bad roof on my garage. We called the top 5 roofing companies on google but prices went from $5000 to $6800 just for a two car garage roof. We found gold star roofing called them and they gave us the best shingles with a insurance covered 15 year labour warranty and the cost was only $2460 with hat thank you guys so so much wish all contractors would be as nice and good with pricing thank you guys.
Jenny Little

5-Star Review

Goldstar roofing repaired a leak in my roof. I found this company very professional and reliable. Also very reasonably priced. They also provided me with a great quote on a full roof replacement. I definitely plan on using this company in the spring and would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for a great quality roof. Thank you Goldstar
Tracy Linvingstone

5-Star Review

My eavstrough came off on one side of my house in a wind storm and I called gold star roofing and they came the next day. Had a new one installed 3 days after matched the colour perfectly and was really good with the price. Thank you gold star roofing.
Tim Orron

Get A Free Consultation & Estimate

We offer a GUARANTEED FREE ESTIMATE compared to some in the industry you will not be charged for this service, regardless of choosing Gold Star Roofing for your roofing project. HOWEVER, roof inspections will be charged at regular cost. Please contact us for details.

1On new roof installations or complete replacements only. We can not warrant labour on repairs of other roofing installers as we have no influence on the overall workmanship or quality of materials used in the original installation.

2Gold Star Roofing will beat any competitor’s price by 10%. You must present a current estimate by a major competitor, licensed and insured, if our quote is higher, we will reduce our quote to 10% of their price. Some conditions may apply, call for details.