Gold Star Eavestrough/Gutter Installation

Eavestrough (Gutter) Cleaning, Repair and Installation

Gold Star Roofing does not only look after your shingles, we are looking at the complete health of your roof.

On any roof replacements, we will clean your gutters and perform repairs if neccessary. If your eaves/gutters and/or down spouts need replacement, we will also look after this.

Why this is Important?

Your gutter (eavestrough) system carrys water away from your roof preventing premature roof rot and from your yard and foundation to keep your basement dry.

If your gutters are clogged with debris from trees, water from rain or thawing snow can not run off freely and may build puddles that eventually penetrate and rot your roof and roof sheets and cause water damage to the entire home.


Keep Eavestroughs Clean

There are many ways to keep your eaves/gutters clean, some more cumbersome and dangerous than others. Stand on a ladder and clean it out bit by bit, go onto the roof and use a leaf blower (which we do not recomment as each time you stand on the roof, you kick loose the granulars on the shingles thus shortening their life span. INSTALL GUTTER GUARDS.

We have, on our own homes, tried many gutter guard systems. Plastic, cheap and easily available in most hardware and building centres, those will do the trick for a short period of time, but they are not animal proof (squirrels for example still can chew their way through those and use your down spouts for their unintended use as winter food storage). They will buckle and deform in the summer heat of our climate.

Foam guards will keep water running for a while, but the foam isFoam Gutter Guard Failing Image sticky and leaves and debris can not blow off easily, they rott, turn into soil and – in time – you will have a lovely eavestrough garden – which will be even worse for your shingles.

Expansive systems are also not on our list of favourites as they are still not fool proof prevention from debris entering the gutter system.

Here’s a video of someone pointing out the worst gutter guard products.

EasyOn Gutter Guard ImageIn our opinion, and after trying different systems, we found one we really like because it keeps its promises, cost effective, easily installed and keeps your system trouble free for many seasons to come. It’s metal so wild life can not enter it to re-purpose it.
This system is sold by Costo Wholesale online. It is called EasyOn Gutterguard by Gutterglove.

To purchase, visit the site in the link above. If you are not a Costco customer, ask a friend or family member to order the correct amount of EasyOn for your building size, we will be happy to give you the number of the amount needed. If you don’t know anyone that can purchase them for you, we will assist with that if needed and install them for you. Here is a video about this product.



Eaves or gutters give your home a clear, straight roof line. Most commonly used are:

  • Aluminum
    Advantages like rust resistance, light weight, cost efficiency and a wide variaty of forms and colours, make this this the most common choice nowadays for gutters.nice gutter image
  • Vinyl
    Also available at low cost and most DIY stores and in different colours, is not durable and we do not recommend it for your biggest investment, your home or business.
  • Steel
    Available with a coating of zinc or aluminum which keeps it from rusting, but it’s a more expansive choice
  • Zinc
    A durable choice which does not need additional finishes but is also more expansive.
  • Copper
    Much more expansive than the other choices and extremely upscale.Copper Gutter Image