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Complete roof replacement or new construction roof installation service.

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We are very confident that you will find Gold Star Roofing to be your trusted roofing professional now and in the future. We offer quality, value and the best warranty and prices in the area. Not only will your roof be beatiful, but you will also save mony. IF a price of a competitor (that is a reputable roofing company, licensed and insured) will offer the same quality for less, we will beat their price by 10%!

Call us for a date and time when it is convenient for you to meet with one of our representatives. They will measure the roof area for materials needed and all other amenities, discuss the shingle style and colour best suited for your building. Gold Star Roofing offers a wide variety of roofing choices. In most cases, you will receive an estimate while we are on site. We will also show you the difference in shingle quality.

Here are some colours from our supplier, Owens Corning, to choose from, click here to view.

BP Shingles use WeatherTite™ Technology which has prooven to withstand even tornados! See some information about this technology in their PDF file, click here to open.
Click here for choices of our supplier, BP Building Products of Canada.

Need inspiration? Check out one of our supplier’s Roof Visualizer Online to envision what your home would look like with different shingles and/or exteriors. Please note that not all shingles are available in this part of Canada, but it will give you an idea of style and colours.

squirrel using vent as entrance


As you already know, your roof is a vital part of your largest investment, your home or business. We treat it as such and to ensure the health of your roof, we only use upgraded steel vents and will install the sufficient number needed for your specific building. We will NOT use plastic or aluminum vents that will fail within a few years and that can easily be damaged by high winds or wildlife. We will also inspect all eavestroughs and clean as needed.

Ice Dam Illustration

EAvestroughs (gutters)

Evestroughs (Gutters) are a vital part of the entire building’s health. If they are clogged they will not function as intended and in fact do more bad than good. When it comes to the roof, clogged eves will hold moisture and can rott the roof’s wood.

In winter, ice dams can form. Melting water can not escape – refreezes and pushes under the shingles where it melts again and causes leaks.

Of course, clogged eves are not the only cause – ventilation issues contribute largly in the building of ice dams.

We suggest ‘gutter guard systems’ to home owners as they keep the eaves clean and you don’t have to climb up onto the roof each year to clean them. They are very cost effective as well and we’d be happy to install them for you. Our choice is Easy On Gutter Guard System , sold by Costco, it has fantastic reviews and we choose this system for our own homes.

We will make sure your gutters are clean and installed correctly for maximum efficiency. We also offer repairs and new installations of eaves systems for your building.

Gold Star Roofing Suppliers

shingles, weather shield & underlayment

Here at Gold Star Roofing, we care about your home or business as if it were our own. We only use trusted  high performance materials (including SureNail Technology from Owens Corning, and shingles from BP Building Products of Canada – both offer wind resistant shingles with warranted up to 140 miles/h wind resistance and are perfect the extreme Canadian climate). The shingles we offer are superior to those provided by budget roofing companies,  we  offer a LIFETIME SHINGLE WARRANTY follow this link to see why these shingles are superior. All new installations automatically receive 3′ of ice and water shield. Our choice underlayment is Synthetic, Waterproof & Breathable like RhinoRoof (click here for demonstration video). Visit our frequently ask question page to learn more about the importance of these materials.

AttiCat® Attic Insulation Image

Attic Installation

Attic Insulation is an important part to keep your home comfortable and might save you up to 20% on heating/cooling energy costs.

Traditionally, sheets of fibreglass insulation were used which work well of course, but usually are not layed high enough leaving spaces for hot air to escape.

This insulation forms a perfect blanket to keep your home cozy and your roof healthy. The advantage to upgrading your attic insulation while we install a roof is that instead of having to enter through the tight attic access in your home, we can lay attic insulation before we start the shingle process right through the roof for ease of access to ensure less mess, professional insulation and convenience to you.

To learn more about this insulation process, click here.

day of installation image

Installation Day

Depending on the size of your roof, we can, in most cases, finish the installation in one day.

  • We arrive at 7:30 a.m.
  • Bin delivery
  • Protecting all windows & gardens/plants to prevent damage and tarps to catch all debris
  • Delivery of shingles (we will NOT have shingles delivered without one of our professionals being on-site to prevent weight damage to the roofing trusses
  • Removal of old shingles
  • Installation of METAL DRIP EDGE, 3′ ICE & WATER SHIELD, SYNTHETIC BREATHEABLE UNDERLAY, WIND & ANIMAL PROOF VENTS, flashing, and shingle installation
  • Inspection by the company owner to ensure perfect workmanship
  • Complete cleanup
  • Bin removal

Now you are ready to enjoy your new roof. For very large roofs, more time may be needed, ask us for time frame details to arrange your activities accordingly.

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