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Why Roofs Fail

There are many reasons a roof  might fail prematurely in whole or in part. We at Gold Star Roofing have seen many reasons, but some of them are more common than others, that’s why we take pride and the utmost care in our workmanship and choices of materials.

Some easy-to-spot signs your roof is failing:

  • Discolouration or damp spots on ceiling
  • Blistering paint or drywall around light fixtures/outlets
  • Dripping sounds during rains inside the building
  • Water marks and/or musky smell in the attic
  • Buckling shingles, shingles beside the building
  • Shingle granules in gutters

Some minor and easier to fix (and prevent) reasons of failure to parts of the roof can be caused by high winds, sudden storms, wild life damage or rubbing tree branches. These damages are usually easy to fix and other than storms, the cause can be eliminated with minor costs. We’d be happy to suggest a specialist in wild life removal or an arborist. If not dangerous, we will remove branches ourselves.

Read below about the 4 most common reasons of premature roof failure, if you have further questions, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us directly.

Faulty Installation

There are many vital components to a roof and all play together to give the roof it’s intended or even extended life span. If one of them is installed badly or missing, the roof is most likely going to fail as a whole or in part before it should.

Discount roofers, do-it-yourselfers might try to save time and/or money with an incomplete installation, but sooner than later, the money saved will have to be paid in the form of repairs or premature roof replacement.

If shingles are not of high quality or not nailed down correctly, you might find shingles or pieces of shingles beside your house after a storm. This should be repaired.

As a home or business owner, the sooner you find a fault, the less likely will other damage to the interior occur. Call Gold Star Roofing as soon as you notice damage to a roof area or even if you suspect an area to be failing soon.


flashing on chimney failingIt is not uncommon for us to find flashing installed incorrectly, or even missing completely due to the lack of knowledge of the installer most likely.

Flashing is also an important part of even a new roof and on many occasions the main reason for roof failure.

Flashing is the ‘roof connection’ in awkward corners or where the roof meets other building materials like a chimney or windows/skylights and such. It prevents water from entering between those materials and find its way to the building’s interior.

Read more about flashing on our Frequently Asked Question page.


To ensure the intended lifespan of your roof, a propper ventilation system is of high importance, not only will it extend the life of your roof, but it is also vital to the temperatures in your home. Too much or too little ventilation (intake – soffits, exhaust – roof vents) will contribute to higher heating and cooling costs in your home as well as damage to roofing materials (ice damming or hot, humid air leading to rott from the inside).

A professional can determine how much ventilation is needed and where, this can be accomplished after a roof is installed. Roof vents can also allow entry to wild life like squirrels or racoons. Poorly installed or cheap roof vents can also be subject to wind damage, this is why Gold Star Roofing only uses quality ventilation. 

Inferior (Cheap) Materials

We all have heard it and ‘been there, done that’: You Get What You Paid For’!

This is why Gold Star Roofing only uses high end, high quality materials that are preferrably Made in Canada!

But there are those that don’t. Most likely you did not build your home or business yourself and are not even aware that inferior materials have been installed. 

Of course, unless we replace the entire roof, we can only ‘put a bandaid’ on most material failures. But we will try our best to fix the failed area and suggest to you, our customer, how to prevent further damage with some maintenance tips.

Broken Brickwork (Chimney)

Many times, it is not a fault of the roofing materials, but brick work that has deteriorated above the roof line as commonly seen in chimneys (broken cap or deteriorated mortar or bricks). This needs to be fixed by a brick layer but we will point out the cause of a leek. We have installed and fixed roofs for more than 20 years and will find the failed component for you.

Although we offer our 15 YEAR INSURED WARRANTY ON LABOUR and LIFETIME WARRANTY ON SHINGLES, we cannot warrant the same for repairs. We have no influence on other materials that are inferior or incorrectly installed to not make the issue reoccur, not can we guarantee the life of the shingles or other materials to fix a problem for the same reasons. We will do our best to fix any issues and advise best actions taken to prevent further to you.Call us for a consultation on any repairs, a small cost may be charged for those consultations, please contact us for details.

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