Skylight Installation

A skylight can add healthy natural light to your living area, or even make it possible to add aditional living area to your home. We recommend and install only Velux Skylights because of the quality of their Canadian made products. These skylights can be installed with options like:

  • Solar powered venting skylights
  • Electric powered venting skylights
  • Manually vented skylights
  • Fixed skylights
  • Factory installed blinds
Velux Skylight Bedroom Sample Image

Recommended Skylights

We recommend the Velux standard sized skylight system. Velux sells many different custom solutions to lighten your living space, but because of their popularity, delivery times for custom built solutions are long. Of course, the choice is yours, but if you need to replace your roof soon and would like to add a skylight, their standard size is the the obvious choice to save time and money. Please feel free to visit their website,, to see what the options are as we only feature the products we personally recommend and install on

Ventilation Options

Velux Solar Venting Skylight

Velux Solar Powered Ventilated Skylight

Featuring a solar panel that recharges with captured available daylight is a highly efficient system. It carrys a fully concealed battery and control system. The Solar Powered Skylight has the advantage of no wiring needs to be installed. Remote control available to open and close the skylight.

Velux Electric Venting Skylight

Velux Electric Ventilated Skylight

Featuring an auto-close feature when sensing rain, this is a great option where electric wiring can be installed or is available already. It also opens or closes with the touch of a button with the available remote control. It is available for deck and curb mount installations as are all of VELUX’s standard sized skylights.

Velux Manually Vented skylight

Velux Manually Ventilated Skylight

The Manual skylight offers the best nature has to offer, opening wider for maxilum fresh air and contricutes to your home’s perfect moisture balance. No need for any wiring or possibility to loose the remote control, the set back of course is that you should not leave it open when rain is possible during your absense from home. 

Velux Fixed Skylight

Fixed Skylight

Fixed skylights are ideal for visually expanding areas like hallways, stairwells, and other closed-in, dark spaces that will be transformed with light and sky views. An economical choice with no-fail in rain situations.

Flat Ceiling Skylight Installation

You can still profit from the natural daylight of skylights with the installation explained in the this video by VELUX. A renovation specialist can install a ‘light well’, which is a channel built into your attic area that captures the skylight’s light and reflects it through an opening in your ceiling down into your living are.

Gold Star Roofing offers installation for all of these options including our standard high quality metal flashing to protect your home and roof from water damage. Although skylights can deliver more natural light to your living area, we do not generally suggest them as our business is to make your roof last as long as possible and any intrusion into the roof’s structure might lessen the duration of the health of your roof. Please call us for advice!

Please note: Gold Star Roofing only installs the skylights into the roof, we do not look after the interior finish like framing or dry wall, but we’ll be happy to suggest a competent renovation specialist to finish this work on the inside.